Smart IVR

Refining IVR with Software.

Interactive Voice Response

Our IVR software platform gives operators and solution providers the ability to rapidly develop and deploy innovative voice applications from VoIP to PSTN networks.

This powerful IVR solution is fully compliant with the W3C’s VoiceXML 2.X specification and is integrated with automatic speech recognition (ASR) and text-to-speech (TTS) software to enable advanced interactive services, and real-time calling applications.

It can be installed in common hardware or Cloud VM servers configurations, providing a highly scalable base system to meet all customers’ business and technical requirements.


  • Software-Based, 100% binary packaged.
  • VoiceXML 2.X with extended tags.
  • Linux CentOS 64bit kernels.
  • Speech Engines TTS / ASR support.
  • Special Extensions available.
  • Sample & Demo applications.
  • SIP Connect as telephony interface.
  • Monitoring plugins available.
  • Debugging & Logs


Cloud Ready

Our solutions are software based and ready to run over cloud environments on virtual servers. You can setup our IVR platform over Amazon EC2 servers or any private / public Cloud.

VoiceXML Powered

Our solutions are W3C VoiceXML 2.X compliant and standard based. Customers and users will develop voice services on standards to allow a fast migration from any other IVR platforms.

Linux Based

Our solutions run over Linux CentOS and Redhat Enterprise servers. All our binary packages are optimized for 64-bits kernels get the highest performance and be easily maintained.

Binary Packaged

Our solutions are delivered packaged with an auto-installer. You can easily update or upgrade your system getting latest releases to allow both high reliability and evolution.

Industry Standards

This powerful IVR solution is fully compliant with






    Speech Recognition


    Natural Language Understanding

Speech Resources



Smart IVR runs most existing Text-to-Speech engines with many languages and voices powered by a cloud HTTP-API connector. This TTS connector is really fast & dynamic to improve the caller experience. Now, you can develop smart services with a dynamic voice response according to any kind of content: text, numbers, dates,…



Smart IVR runs most existing Cloud Speech API and some MRCP v2 engines. These STT / ASR connectors allow to get a complete development abstraction of all your interactive phone services. In combination with Text-to-Speech, you can develop the most advanced interactive voice experience with the best platform management.

Special Functions

Natural Language

Smart IVR solutions enable to work with NLU / NLP engines to quickly route calls and enhance the customer experience throughout the entire human like conversational self-service engagement. Our core technology is XML compliant with several leading Machine Learning standard cloud based engines and HTTPS-API integration.

Voice Biometrics

The technology behind voice (or speaker) verification (SIV), which in turn is an application of the core technology. The voice, as with other biometric characteristics, is unique to an individual. In voice biometrics, a spoken utterance is captured by our IVR platform and compared by the biometric system with a previously stored voiceprint.


Speech-to-Text conversion is the process of converting spoken words into written texts. Our Smart IVR platform supports many Speech-to-Text engines to convert any voice recording into text. That will allow you to create amazing voice services connected with Google STT or many others existing engines according to your business need.

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