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Interactive Voice Response &
Video Real-Time Communications

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Voice & Video Interactions
for the digital customer journey

provides Real-Time Communications solutions.

Smart IVR

Carrier-grade IVR, with exceptional performance, scalability, reliability and application multi-tenancy. Its architecture can process hundred of simultaneous calls per server.

Video RTC

Video Gateways for advanced Real-time Communications on existing IP Contact Centers. Multi-channel coverage with Web Browsers, Mobile devices and IoT devices.


Complementary Software that offers flexibility and deliver significant savings to the business or service provider. These solutions can be standalone or used in combination.

A complete API Framework
for any enterprise.

knows the value of a great Customer Experience.


Phone lines still being the main and most extended channel to connect people and companies. PSTN or VoIP technologies are required to start building any business with voice real-time communications.


Imagine a world where your phone, TV and computer could all communicate on a common HTML5 standard platform. Imagine it was easy to add video chat and peerto-peer data sharing to your web application.


Video Communications requires to manage WebRTC and Flash/RTMP open interfaces. We understand that global communications must allow global access from anywhere and every Web Browser.


Android OS is the first Mobile Community OS world wide. To connect a native Video RTC application for your Android device, we provide specific developments tools and services to build your own App.


Apple iOS is the second Mobile OS to consider. To run properly a native Video RTC with an Apple device, we provide specific development tools and services ready to start your first mobile project integration.


Today IoT digital world requires to connect many smart devices and machines to communicate themselves and with humans. Video RTC.js  / XML / HTTP interfaces support is required to connect properly your business.

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software Transforms your contact center.

Empowered Omnichannel

Created for a seamlessly integration, Interactive Powers solutions offers API Framework designed to connect external Business Systems or Contact Center technologies. Our empowered Omnichannel allows agents to keep working on a single platform while they are interacting with all your customers. The cost reduction in average response time speeds up task completion, avoids errors and provide a better customer experience.