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Google Cloud


Amazon Web Services


Microsoft Azure

Our cloud-based services are designed for enterprises seeking real-time communication servers without the capital resource investment. It gives enterprises access to one of the most reliable and most secure Smart IVR or Video RTC platforms. With Voice & Video call processing infrastructure distributed across geographically our redundant cloud data centers

Smart IVR

Cloud Hosted IVR, with exceptional performance, scalability, reliability and application multi-tenancy. It’s distributed architecture can efficiently process hundred of simultaneous calls per server.

  • IVR CPaaS Basic
  • IVR CPaaS Pro
  • IVR CPaaS Plus

Video RTC

Video Gateways RTMP or WebRTC for advanced Real-time Communications on existing Contact Centers. Multi-channel coverage for Web Browsers, Mobile devices and IoT.

  • RTC CPaaS Basic
  • RTC CPaaS Pro
  • RTC CPaaS Plus


Solutions offer flexibility and deliver significant savings to your business. These services can be standalone or used in combination to provide and end-to-end Solutions.

  • Web Dialer
  • Meeting Point, Remote Viewer
  • Call Center, CoBrowsing, Field Service …

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