Cloud Hosting

Host Private or Public as you go.

Communications Platform as a Service

Our cloud-based services are designed for enterprises seeking real-time communications servers without the capital resource investment. It gives enterprises access to one of most reliable and most secure Smart IVR or Video RTC platforms. With Voice & Video call processing infrastructure distributed across geographically redundant data centers.


Smart IVR as a Service
  • Single or Multiple VM Servers
  • Cloud Speech API Resources
  • Dedicated Capacity
  • Specific Settings


Video RTC as a Service
  • Single or Multiple VM Servers
  • WebRTC / RTMP Channels
  • SIP Trunking
  • Specific Settings


  • Quick start without IT investment.
  • Software-Based, 100% binary packaged.
  • Linux Debian / CentOS 64bit kernels.
  • Reliability, enjoy 99,95% uptime.
  • SIP Connect for Contact Centers.
  • Backbone for PSTN, SIP trunking.
  • Monitoring to ensure your services uptime.
  • Backup and administration services.
  • Debugging & Logs.

Private or Public
Cloud Hosting

Technical Environment

We trust communications to be private and secure with best in class, always up to date security systems updates.

All our software is designed and maintained with the highest standards in the industry. As a result, our customers enjoy 99.95% uptime. Availability is supremely important, which is why we ensure our servers are located in secure data centers and equipped with a special, self-healing system to minimize service downtime in the case of extraordinary issues.

Depend on the cloud with always up, always on SLAs and geographically distributed on two data centers.

We offer a Cloud Private environment based on Debian Squeeze 7.0 64bit, this distribution offers virtualization with Linux KVM and OpenVZ via our web Proxmox interface management. Security is provided, including data security, backup and recovery.

Our backbone manages large networks of virtual machines and creates scalable cloud IVR computing platform.

It provides the software, SIP trunks, TDM access and control panels required to orchestrate our cloud environment, including running instances, managing networks, and controlling access through users and projects.

Our monitoring service ensures the uptime, availability, and responsiveness to deliver high quality of service.

Our automated monitoring solution based in Nageos can call, ping, and perform test requests to your application on a regularly scheduled basis throughout the day, and alert the telephone, email, sms, and instant message contacts you specify any time a problem is detected.

We make a serious commitment to serving our customers.

Our approach is simple: we provide amazingly good, absolutely free technical support delivered by highly skilled and trained support engineers, who are experts on all of our Smart IVR / Video RTC products and services. We can add optional, professional services that enable you to outsource tuning, grammar development, performance analysis, stress and load testing, application monitoring.

Cloud Hosting

Our Datacenters for Private Cloud Hosting provide the Best Carrier Conditions for your Smart IVR / Video RTC services over VM Servers. They are all located in two regions:

Cloud Hosting

We provide the best conditions for Smart IVR / Video RTC systems thanks to our technical team and expertise. Anyway you can select to host a server in our Public Cloud Hosting servers environment.

Hosted Platforms

Interactive Voice Response


We offer cloud based Smart IVR services to connect your PBX or Contact Center to an advanced Phone Self-Service. You don’t have to invest in specific interactive voice response servers; all the call traffic will be managed from our Cloud.

Real Time Communications


We offer cloud based Video RTC services to connect your Contact Center or Web Services to Video Real-time Communications. You don’t have to invest in specific gateways; all your videocall traffic will managed from our Cloud.

Hosted Solutions

Video Call Center

Interactive Powers transforms any existing Call Center into a Video Call Center with Face-to-Face communications over the Internet. Our Video Gateways platforms works with your PBX/CTI, while maintaining your phone call routing management. This smart and efficient solution “as a service” runs without any complex technology upgrade or integration and supporting WebRTC.


Web Dialer

Allows all your customers and users to make phone calls directly to your PBX or IVR from any desktop web browser (Firefox, Chrome, IE, Safari, Opera,…). Our Web Dialer works directly with any modern browser compliant with WebRTC or equipped with a flash player, no other external plugins, no browser extension installation or java applets will be required to connect your business.

Remote Viewer

Provides extended functions to any Call Center during a phone call or not, in order to create a new way to provide customer support or any advanced care process. Remote Viewer works with any compliant web browser to dramatically improve your Customer Experience extending all your agents and users conversations at phone with Live Chat, Dual File Sharing, Dual Screen Sharing…



Cobrowsing humanises the online sales and support experience, enabling your call center agents to interact with your customers and assist them via a shared browser. Thanks to the use of the Cobrowsing, the communication becomes far more natural, effective, and efficient, bringing the customer-agent exchange closer to that of an in-store, in-person interaction.

Virgo Healthcare

Interactive Powers has released Virgo Healthcare solution in response to the overwhelming increase virtual visits sparked by the COVID-19 global pandemic. The simplest, accessible and secure Telehealth solution offers easy and immediate coverage of the consultation process, including collaboration and virtual attention optimizing the patient experience of the visit.


Key Benefits

Cost Saving

You don’t have to invest in physical infrastructure to run your own IVR / Video RTC services; being able to ‘rent’ virtual infrastructure has both cost benefits and practical benefits. You don’t need to purchase hardware yourself or employ the expertise to manage it.


What’s more, you will only need to rent the resources you need rather than invest in fixed, unused and therefore wasted capacity. This leaves you free to focus on the development of applications.


You have control over the tools that are installed within your platforms and can create a server that suits your specific requirements. You can ‘pick and choose’ any features they feel are necessary for your phone self-service system.


Features can be changed if circumstances dictate that you should. Teams in various locations can work together; as an internet connection are all that is required, developers spread across several locations can work together on the same voice application build.

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