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provides Software & Cloud Hosting over a flexible API Framework Open Standards-based.

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Create your own Video-enabled service?

You have to develop a Voice or Video Application for your company or customer. You are an expert in voice interfaces and programming as no secret for you, but you need to run on the best environment conditions. (Learn more)

Work with Open Standards development tools?

You understand that your systems must be based on Open Standards to ensure your applications are evolutive. Your are absolutely right, any project must be built over solid foundations like HTML5, WebRTC, Flash/RTMP, VoiceXML, JavaScript, … (Learn more)

Need to host your Application or Service?

You need to host your voice or video application without issues in the best carrier conditions to ensure stability, security and scalability. We have the right approach for you. (Learn more)

Get your own Development Platform?

Cloud services are working fine for you, but you would like to get your own development platform, because your new project could require it. We have a good new for you, we can provide you the same system on-premise too. (Learn more)

Build your a Mobile App. over Video RTC?

You have to add Video RTC inside your own mobile app. according to specific business requirements. You have to build it for iOS / Android but need to send all Video calls to WebRTC service inside a Contact Center or Enterprise. (Learn more)

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