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Considering Live Video Assistance for your Call Center?

Did you know you can become a game changer for your competitors improving customer experience through live video communications and a personalized assistance in real time. (Learn more)

Extend your Customer Care with new Channels?

Customers and require much more rich-interactions and multiple channels. It’s the right moment to improve your offering adding Video RTC capabilities like Video Call, Live Chat, Screen Sharing, File Sharing… that will enhance your services. (Learn more)

Require a Mobile App to make Video Calls?

Your business requires more innovation to be competitive. Increase your capacity is not enough, you have to provide much more value and integrate voice or video call over mobile business apps for iOS or Android. (Learn more)

Reduce your Operating Costs with an IVR?

Call Centers can be running tasks that could be automated by an IVR. Have you thought about that? Add value to human interactions with the proper IVR could reduce your operational costs up to six times. (Learn more)

Externalize your IVR or RTC Platforms?

Is your IT is turning into a complex system out of your core business priorities? If your answer is yes, check out our Cloud Hosting powered by VoiceXML and RTMP / WebRTC Open Standards Platforms as a Service.  (Learn more)

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